The Lodge for Natural Dads

An online gathering of committed dads of young children


Sorry, the lodge is closed for this session, but...if you want to join the next cycle, or have questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Welcome dads of young children

Do you ever miss hanging out with other dads, sharing the highs and lows of being a father and getting heartfelt, compassionate support?

Did life get busy when you became a dad and do you still struggle at times to find your footing?

If so, then read on...


The Lodge for Natural Dads with Miki Dedijer


miki dedijer with maui, the norwegian puffin dogThe Lodge for Natural Dads is a 12-week online gathering for inspired, wholehearted fathers on managing your emotional health, deepening your relationship with your child, and creating a healthier home environment.

You will meet with other dads in a small lodge circle every two weeks for a 90-minute exploration of themes that are central to fatherhood.

Here you will develop new habits in support of your core values. You will receive support in overcoming your obstacles and challenges. And together with this band of dads, you celebrate your visions and your breakthroughs.

When you join the Lodge for Natural Dads, you will be guided by Miki Dedijer over the course of 12 weeks journey towards greater ease, purpose and joy as a man and a father.

What clients say about working with Miki

Henrik A.

I’m seeing a big change in myself and in my relationship to my boys. I’m lighter, more playful, not as angry anymore.

Henrik A. Sweden

Your family is an ecosystem that needs continuous tending


Who we are as fathers and what we model for our children is far more important than any parenting technique or style.

In the Spring gathering at the Lodge, we draw on the wisdom traditions of the First Nations Peoples of North America. Together, we explore how we show up as fathers, and the values we place at the heart of our families.

For each two-week cycle, we discover our relationship to one of seven foundational values. We take a closer look at the examples we set, the challenges we face, and how consciously creating our family culture can bring a greater sense of peace and joy in our homes.

The Lodge for Natural Dads also includes these key resources:


  • Peer support in the Lodge for Natural Dads Facebook group, for members only.
  • An inspirational email every week. A practice, a routine or a new habit that will help ground you.
  • A recorded monthly fatherhood theme that we explore together to stretch you as a dad and a man.

Who this lodge is for:


You want to be a confident dad who provides the home environment your child needs to really flourish.

A place where he or she always feels loved and appreciated.

It's not always easy.

We hold a lot as conscious fathers, doing our best to be present at home while also serving through our vocation.

How do we live in integrity? How do we align our actions with our hearts, our values and what we believe is good and right in this world?

We’re the ones changing what it means to be a man and a dad. And with this transition comes tension, resistance and challenging feelings.

We learn as we go. And sometimes the going is lonely. We feel lost, rudderless. We could really use some support and inspiration.

It's what the Lodge for Natural Dads is built for.

Here you can belong to a small clan of dads who regularly share and support each other in a safe and protected space.

The better we know ourselves and each other, the easier it is for us to stay clear, centered and grounded.

Together we find our way towards greater awareness, ease and relaxation. And we change fatherhood for good.

What clients say about working with Miki

Linden Booth

Miki has a truly phenomenal presence. His internal clarity was powerfully matched with his skills as a coach, and his ability to support me to find my own solutions while at the same time gently offering my tools and ideas. A truly beautiful experience that I feel immensely grateful for as I have grown into a better parent.

Linden Booth South Africa

To find out if the Lodge for Natural Dads is the right place for you, see if any of the following resonate:


  • You know there must be a way to bring greater ease into your life but you’re not so sure how to go about it
  • You have this sense more often than you’d like that you're not available when your child needs you
  • You’re bogged down with work and responsibilities which means that too often you are impatient, angry or irritated at home
  • You want to have more fun, play and adventure with your child
  • You want to learn more about handling your feelings so you remain open-hearted around your child and partner

About your lodge facilitator Miki Dedijer

Miki Dedijer, founder of Natural Dads, is an experienced coach and mentor dedicated to working with wholehearted fathers who want to contribute to healing the world while being fully involved at home.

Miki lives with his two boys and wife on a farm on the west coast of Sweden. He has many years of experience in nature mentoring,  group facilitation and men's work and has successfully coached many dads to become more grounded and present with their children.

Miki works solely with committed fathers who seek to align their actions with their values to make this world a better place for all children. 

What clients say about working with Miki

Paul Houghtaling

Miki’s invitation to step back from the fear and drama and into my creativity and love helped me to own my role and abilities as a father in a powerful new way.

Paul Houghtaling USA

Do you want to join the lodge, but you can't quite see how?


I've heard from fathers who would love to step into the lodge, but who are not sure if they have the time and space to commit.

If that's you, let's talk. Schedule a free Tracking Session with me. I will help you gain more clarity on how you can prioritize your life to meet your deeper needs as a man and dad. It's also a chance for you to see if the lodge is the right place for you.

Scheduling your call doesn't obligate you to register for The Lodge for Natural Dads. If you have any questions about the program contact me at [email protected]


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